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Advantages of a course reader

Course readers are convenient for both the student and the professor. They provide all of the materials a student needs for a course in one concise bound packet. The professor can reference the actual documents in class and also have direct control over what their students receive. Course readers also keep the students from having to buy several books, saving them money.

Creating a course reader

Clark Graphics can help you in assembling your course readers. We will obtain all the necessary copyrights and arrange, with your guidance, both the design and printing of the materials. All you need to do is bring the original copies you’d like to have included. You can include as much material as you’d like in the reader, but the cost will elevate as the amount of material included increases.

What is a copyright?

A copyright is a form of protection for the authors of original pieces of work. It is valid for both published and unpublished pieces. To reproduce and distribute copyrighted material an authorization by the owner/author must first be given. We always recommend that you submit your materials as soon as possible to ensure that your students will have their readers in a timely manner, especially if copyright clearance is necessary. Most information clears copyright within a few days to a week, but sometimes permission may take up to six weeks, depending on the material. We have provided a link to Copyright Clearance Center to help you research the availability and cost of permissions.

Why choose Clark Graphics to make my course reader?

With more than twenty years experience creating course readers for area colleges, Clark Graphics produces quality class materials efficiently.  We do all production ourselves, right here on Oakland Avenue.  Lost books and late additions are never an issue, as we simply print more on demand, with little to no wait time. Having our own print services also reduces the overall cost of production, resulting in a savings for the student (the average price per page is 8 cents). From copyright clearance to the final bound book, we promise to work closely with you in designing the reader to ensure that the end result meets your expectations.
Please contact any one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives with any questions. You are also welcome to come to the store to discuss your materials and view examples of readers that we have created for previous courses.

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